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Dynamic Graphics WellArchitect Technology

WellArchitect, developed in conjunction with Baker Hughes, is an advanced well planning and survey management system for integrated planning and drilling of directional wellpaths with or without earth models. Devised to seamlessly accommodate the needs of sidetracking, multi-lateral wellpaths, and re-entry drilling, WellArchitect is used at both the office and wellsite, by all personnel levels in the industry. Trajectory calculations, target erosion by positional uncertainty, reporting, plotting, and 3D visualization are all included in this package.

Planning and monitoring of drilling can be done in an integrated visualization environment, especially when run with Dynamic Graphics′ CoViz 4D. On the right, wellpaths can be juxtaposed to earth models, reservoir models, and more.
Tubes displayed around each offset well show the minimum allowable separation distance (MASD) from the reference wellpath, and are colored by the pass (green) ⁄ fail (red; not shown) criteria of an ACR (anti-collision rule). Collision-avoidance symbols indicate the space available for steering away from nearby wells; each symbol can be queried as to its length (the amount of available space) and direction.

WellArchitect Features

  • Combines powerful directional drilling software with advanced 3D visualization and modeling capabilities—a major step forward for the drilling and oil and gas industries
  • Handles a range of applications from single wellpath survey calculation through multi-wellsite, multi-well planning, collision risk analysis, and data management
  • Visualize reference wellpath, offset paths, geologic and driller′s targets, ellipsoids of uncertainty, and collision avoidance scans in 3D, as well as the geologic or cellular model, for optimal wellbore placement
  • Safety-critical automated clearance calculations, using industry positional uncertainty models, on ″look ahead″ while drilling
  • Hazard avoidance: be alerted when a path intersects a horizon or fault below a user-specific angle, or comes within a user-specified distance
  • Target sizing based on positional uncertainty, special return-to-plan capabilities, trajectory planning in basic and advanced modes, as well as easy data transfer from the office to the wellsite (and back), are among the many features designed to improve the well planning and survey management experience
  • Sophisticated Graphic Editor facilitates plotting for wall maps and page-sized scale drawings
  • Complete reporting package covering data management and transfer reports as well as wellpath and clearance calculation reporting
Collision Avoidance.

Latest News

WellArchitect New Features and Advancements

Dynamic Graphics is excited to announce the release of WellArchitect 5.0.

WellArchitect 5.0 includes several new advances in directional drilling⁄well planning software such as viewing clearance calculation results in 3D interactively while planning, clearance scans and data display across differing projection systems, and a WITSML-feed for creating actual wellpaths.

In addition, WellArchitect 5.0 offers the option to import a Landmark Compass EDM file.

Articles and Papers

The Value of Integrating Geologic Information During Planning and Drilling

by Carol Eve Mann, Dynamic Graphics, Inc.

3D Representations of Clearance Scans

by Carol Eve Mann, WellArchitect Project Manager, Dynamic Graphics, Inc.


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