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4D Correlation of Reservoir Simulation and Seismic Attributes


4D seismic difference shown at a single time step along with a reservoir simulation grid. Comparision of the seismic response from the fluid injection can be done on multiple timesteps. Data used with permission of owner.

The oil and gas industry has been utilizing seismic attributes for improving reservoir simulation models and predicting behavior for a long time. However, despite the immense use of data and technological advancement, the challenges with developing a correlation between the reservoir simulation and seismic attributes remain intact. This is mostly due to the dynamic nature of reservoirs. The varying conditions within a reservoir can be difficult to quantify and predict throughout the life of the field.


Strategic Wellbore Positioning and Field Planning Through 3D Visualization


The success of an asset development project is directly related to the ability to identify and implement the ideal strategy for well planning, positioning, and field development for hydrocarbon extraction. With an effective strategy, engineers can easily identify scenarios, layout drilling plans, and examine frac volume for assessing the most profitable approach to project development. However, even with a very effective strategy, the sum of uncertainty in well positioning remains high without the ability to visually understand reservoir characteristics.




Dynamic Graphics, Inc. Announces Enterprise Software Agreement with bp for Data Visualization and Analysis

Agreement paves the way for CoViz® 4D software, bp-specific customizations, new custom workflows, and support for advanced 3D velocity modeling.


DGI develops links to OSDU

This short movie demonstrates recent work where DGI created links from the cloud-based OSDU data platform and our desktop CoViz 4D application

COVIZ 4D 12.0 offers significant new features in depth calibration & uncertainty workflows, improved command line modules for programmatic image generation, interactive editing of cellular grid properties, a higher performance fluid plotting module, new workflow options in 4D Seismic Assisted History Matching GUI, and a converted wave (P-S) option in Pem2Seis.

WELLARCHITECT 6.0 includes several new advances in directional drilling ⁄ well planning software. Some of the major new features include viewing clearance calculation results in 3D interactively ahead-of-the-bit while drilling; ability to monitor simultaneous drilling while auto-clearances are run ahead-of-the-bit; constant toolface curves and “splitting” of profiles for more flexible well planning; a new database QA tool at every level; and support for the new SPE Wellbore Positioning Technical Section Stop Drilling HSE Risk (2017) rule.

EARTHVISION 11 includes enhanced tools for LiDAR processing and display, numerous visualization changes and enhancements, scattered data file “ditto” feature changes, a preview option for Well Curve Displays (Well Template Editor) and new command line modules.


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We offer three separate packages: CoViz 4D, WellArchitect, and EarthVision. While each is a standalone product, serving a different purpose in the hydrocarbon development workflow, when used in conjunction, they provide a collaborative multidisciplinary environment that offers dramatic benefits.


CoViz 4D Simplifies Data QC. Display seismic data and modeled reservoir properties along a well-to-well cross-section for direct comparison and data QC. Data courtesy of ROMTC and US DOE.


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