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Understanding the Role of Data Integration in Enhanced Oil Recovery


EOR operations are complex, as depicted in this photo of a steam injection operation. Communication between team members and other teams is critical to understanding and managing EOR activities. CoViz 4D provides a highly integrated environment for data sharing and improved decision-making.

Primary and secondary oil recovery methods can leave as much as 75% of the oil in the ground. For many long-established wells such as those in California, Oklahoma, Texas, and Mexico where much of the easy-to-produce oil has already been extracted, tertiary or enhanced oil recovery (EOR)—although expensive in comparison to primary and secondary recovery—is the only option to reach the remaining oil.


A Statistical Approach to Depth Uncertainty Analysis for Model Integrity


3D Depth Uncertainty Model: Depth uncertainty imported into well paths and displayed as cones of uncertainty indicating positional uncertainty to 1 Standard Deviation.

Dealing with the fundamental uncertainty of subsurface environments and their hydrocarbon resources is one of the major industry challenges. Seismic and borehole technologies improve our ability to acquire greater volumes of geologic information. Ever-increasing processor power crunches these data more efficiently to create models to help geoscientists and reservoir engineers understand the interaction between geology and hydrocarbon resources. However, regardless of the volume of data acquired, depth uncertainty analysis regarding horizons, faults, strata, and other subsurface formations continues to be a challenge.



COVIZ 4D 12 offers significant new features for quantitative visualization and analysis. Special attention has been given to reservoir engineering features, with new easier plotting of production data, faster cellular and streamline rendering, and a new tetrahedral object class. Contact us for a customized demonstration.


WELLARCHITECT 6.0 in Roll-out Release. WellArchitect clients will be receiving notification of the latest release. WellArchitect 6.0 includes several new advances including:

  • Support of the new SPE WPTS (Wellbore Positioning Technical Section) Stop Drilling HSE Risk anti-collision rule
  • New Quality Assurance module available from any level
  • 3D Visualization of collision avoidance ahead of the bit while drilling
  • Many advances in the automated collision calculations ahead of the bit during drilling, including considerations during simultaneous drilling situations
  • Ability to split a profile, to allowing insert of other curves ⁄ sections while planning
  • Full 64-bit support
  • And much, much more

EARTHVISION 10 includes: updated modules eliminating the need for the MKS Toolkit; an enhanced interface for generating well curve displays, shapefile import enhancements, and improved visualization changes and enhancements; and a Python Language-Based Developer′s Toolkit for custom development. Contact us for more information.



Technical Sales Support

We are looking for a talented, creative petroleum industry professional with networking skills, problem solving expertise and the talent to work with prospects to create a demo meshing DGI software with the prospect′s targeted needs.

Complete details available HERE.


SEG, October 11–16, Houston, TX, Booth 1315

EAGE, December 8–11, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Booth 1414

We hope to see you in person at an industry tradeshow soon. Or please contact us at sales@dgi.com to discuss your spatial software needs in greater detail.


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We offer three separate packages:
CoViz 4D, WellArchitect, and EarthVision.

While each is a standalone product, serving a different purpose in the hydrocarbon development workflow, when used in conjunction, they provide a collaborative multidisciplinary environment that offers dramatic benefits.


CoViz 4D Simplifies Data QC. Display seismic data and modeled reservoir properties along a well-to-well cross-section for direct comparison and data QC.

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