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structural interpretation of seismic data

Enhancing Structural Interpretation of Seismic Data With Velocity Modeling

While there are traditional approaches to the structural interpretation of seismic data for oil exploration and velocity modeling in the industry, these approaches can be enhanced through advancements in technology. Without the ability to integrate and visualize all relevant data in a comprehensive environment, professionals may overlook valuable pays.   Geoscientists can benefit from rapid updates…

Geomagnetic reflectance reverberation waves

CoViz 4D for Astrocartographic Well Surface Location Determination

New Tools, New Paradigms, New Discoveries By using natal charts, colorful geological maps, deep magnetic field analyses, and ephemerides of various astral objects, a comprehensive picture for optimal well surface location and hydrocarbon exploitation can be achieved with 3D and 4D diverse data integration software and astrocartographic workflows. Integrating disparate data found in the oil…

oil and gas production data

How the Visualization of Oil and Gas Production Data Enhances Field Development and Reservoir Management

Reservoir engineers build reservoir simulation models from geological models, well logs, seismic data, oil and gas production data, and with a good dose of intuition. They must iterate the model building process to generate models that best match the production history. Often, they will generate a collection of models, each matching the production history. A…