data visualization oil and gas industry

Understanding the Importance of Data Visualization in the Oil and Gas Industry

Data-gathering and processing can be a laborious task that requires extensive expertise. But the best software offers easy-to-read data to personnel, irrespective of their discipline or specialty. Analysts need data visualization tools that merge data across multiple disciplines in the oil and gas industry, helping users make sound decisions that enhance upstream or downstream campaigns.…

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big data analytics in oil and gas industry

How to Optimize Big Data Analytics in the Oil and Gas Industry

Enhanced computing power, wireless technologies, and instrumentation of production assets have fostered the acquisition and generation of ever-greater volumes of data throughout the life of an oilfield. These data can include geophysical, geologic, cellular property models, reservoir simulations, drilling, production, seismic attributes, structure and properties, and well logs. From exploration through decommissioning, nearly every discipline…

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