advantages of measurement while drilling

Exploring the Advantages of Measurement While Drilling

In the wake of the shale oil boom in the United States, drillers are encountering unconventional reservoirs that require sophisticated strategy. While 95% of U.S. drilling rigs can perform horizontal drilling that, together with hydraulic fracturing, is essential to liberate shale resources, drillers need impeccable drilling technology and precise software that will utilize comprehensive geological…

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oil and gas production optimization software

Oil and Gas Production Optimization Software

From interpreting seismic surveys that identify the most promising hydrocarbon resources to monitoring daily fluid and pressure metrics, there are dozens of factors and activities that impact oil and gas production. Yet, the biggest challenge for asset teams is finding the means to holistically evaluate these factors, explore their interdependencies, and make modifications to optimize…

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reservoir characterization and modeling

Reservoir Characterization and Modeling: The Role of 4D Seismic in Visualization and Analysis

Seismic surveys and greater computational power are allowing operators to acquire, process, and interpret geologic data more cost-effectively and provide increasingly detailed information regarding fault distribution and subsurface structures. Iterative seismic surveys conducted during the course of oil field production provide additional benefit in revealing subsurface changes that guide reservoir characterization and modeling, as well…

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oil and gas data management software

Oil and Gas Data Management Software: Why Timing Is Important in Oilfield Analysis

Time is a crucial factor when maximizing hydrocarbon assets for all team members involved, especially when operating under tight deadlines. Analysts must develop viable extraction strategies to recover upfront costs while making a healthy profit. Engineers need fast and accurate analysis that will hasten the development phase, leading to efficient extraction campaigns in the short-term.…

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big data analytics in oil and gas industry

How to Optimize Big Data Analytics in the Oil and Gas Industry

Enhanced computing power, wireless technologies, and instrumentation of production assets have fostered the acquisition and generation of ever-greater volumes of data throughout the life of an oilfield. These data can include geophysical, geologic, cellular property models, reservoir simulations, drilling, production, seismic attributes, structure and properties, and well logs. From exploration through decommissioning, nearly every discipline…

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