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Creating the New Standard in Mission Planning Software
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PREDaTORS2 is an innovative approach to an all-encompassing aviation mission software suite. Replace multiple programs with a single, integrated software and have everything at your fingertips.

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Save time and enhance mission productivity through increased data accuracy and flow, elimination of redundant inputs, and automated mission brief/packet creation.

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PREDaTORS2 is an emerging aviation mission software suite specifically designed for the military user.

Utilizing novel approaches, Dynamic Graphics,® Inc. are making remarkable changes to the individual processes while maintaining the core tasks and requirements of aviation missions.

Development is focused on solving the most critical mission needs with special attention on planning, rehearsal, execution, and debriefing in tactical and operational environments.

DGI is uniquely integrating all elements of the mission planning workflow in a single environment extending far beyond traditional route planning.

Advanced Integration & Visualization Tools

Save Time
Simplify Mission Processes
Eliminate Redundant Inputs
Increase Data Accuracy/Flow
Maximize Threat Awareness
Enhance Collaborations
Reduce Transpositional Errors
Improve Mission Accuracy
Mission Analysis
External Unit Coordination Tools
Mission Briefing/Packet Automation Tools
Lunar Illumination Calculations/Warnings
User Driven Development
2D/3D/4D Virtual Visualization
Combine Mission/Support Routes
World-Wide Maps/Hazards/Weather
Vertical Obstructions/Flight Hazards
Potential Landing Areas
Weather Conditions
Enhance Safety
Risk Assessment/Mitigation Tools
Crew/Passengers/Cargo Manifesting
Mission Fuel Requirements/Alternatives
Precisely Measure Potential Landing Areas
Aircraft Performance Parameters
Geolocated Flight Hazards
Contingency Planning

An autorouting option is available in the PREDaTORS2 software to easily and rapidly identify multiple potential flight paths around threats.

2D map showing example route with standard aviation symbols for initial, turn, target and release points. Standard map layers (e.g., satellite, ENRH, ENRL, SEC) are easily added. Route map automatically updates with changes to the route planning screen. MapLibre map © 2021, MapLibre under BSD License available for viewing at https://github.com/maplibre/awesome-maplibre/blob/main/LICENSE.

Based on user input criteria, landing zone mensuration is rapidly completed. Red/yellow ground colors indicate hazards and unsuitable landing areas; green indicates optimal landing areas.

Short animation showing a threat domes fly-through visualization. Threat dome colors change automatically between green (outside of detection range), yellow (within detection range) and red (within threat range) based on aircraft location.


DYNAMIC GRAPHICS, INC. prides itself on client-driven and solutions-focused relationships.

Since 1969, we have partnered with our clients in an agile fashion to solve their most challenging geospatial problems by rapidly delivering innovative, customized software solutions for high-risk environments.

We are trusted industry experts dedicated to future software integration within the aviation, government, and geospatial sectors.


Flight Planning and Route Analysis Via 4D Scene Building

The state-of-the-art CoViz 4D software from Dynamic Graphics is extremely powerful for data ingestion/integration, and quantitative spatiotemporal visualization across multiple data types. These unique capabilities are already leveraged by users across many disciplines and industries. Recently DGI has also been focusing on aerospace / military applications, with particular attention to 4D scene building and route/flight planning and analysis.


Accessibility Tools
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