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The Assisted Routing Tool

Imagery courtesy U. S. Department of Agriculture, Farm Service Agency.

The Assisted Routing Tool can quickly modify a route to avoid obstacles, threats, and airspace restrictions.
Imagery courtesy U. S. Department of Agriculture, Farm Service Agency.

Unveiling the
Assisted Routing Tool

At the 2024 Army Aviation Association Conference in Aurora, Colorado, the Dynamic Graphics®, Inc. (DGI) team proudly unveiled a new software feature that will revolutionize mission planning and execution for aviators: the Assisted Routing Tool. This innovative technology, part of our PREDaTORS2 mission planning program, received high praise for its ability to streamline processes, expedite planning, reduce cognitive load, and enhance mission success.

Military aviators operate in high-pressure environments, managing extensive quantities of information and tasks on tight timeframes. Planning the safest and most efficient route involves traversing a complex web of varying constraints, which could include topography, threats, and numerous airspace restrictions. The Assisted Routing Tool alleviates this burden by using advanced algorithms to optimize routes while always ensuring the aviator has full control in the decision-making.

Even the most seasoned aviators can benefit from modern technology that enhances their experience and capabilities. The Assisted Routing Tool allows pilots to focus on high-level decision-making rather than routine operational burdens. By processing spatial data and considering the various operational constraints, the tool provides the most desirable routing options for the aviator’s review and approval. This “desirability” could be judged by shortest length, a minimum number of turns, the least fuel required, or some other metric.

The Assisted Routing Tool never modifies a route without direct approval from the pilot. Imagery courtesy of © OpenStreetMaps contributors.

The Assisted Routing Tool provides the shortest route from one point to another while also limiting the total number of turns. Imagery courtesy of © OpenStreetMaps contributors.

While the Assisted Routing Tool provides a safer route, it can also shorten the overall length while remaining within aircraft and altitude limitations. Imagery courtesy of © OpenStreetMaps contributors.

Utilizing the Assisted Routing Tool to assist pilots will save fuel and time while providingsafer routes.
Imagery courtesy of © OpenStreetMaps contributors.
The benefits of the Assisted Routing Tool extend to all aviators, including those in the cockpit and those operating unmanned aerial systems (UAS). By optimizing route planning and reducing cognitive loads, the Assisted Routing Tool ensures that all aviators, regardless of their platform, can execute missions safely and effectively. Our commitment to continuous improvement is unwavering. We actively seek feedback from aviators to refine and enhance the Assisted Routing Tool, which is still undergoing refinements and enhancements. This collaborative approach ensures that our technology evolves in line with real-world operational requirements, making it an indispensable tool for mission planning.
The excitement generated by the Assisted Routing Tool at the conference has prompted us to offer both live and virtual demonstrations of our solution. These sessions provide a hands-on opportunity to experience this emerging tool’s capabilities and understand its potential to transform your operations. Whether you’re planning intricate missions or seeking to streamline routine tasks, the Assisted Routing Tool can significantly enhance your operational efficiency. Contact DGI today to schedule a demonstration and take the first step towards more efficient, safer, and smarter mission planning.




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