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A Guide to Mission Planning

Map services and data available from U.S. Geological Survey, National Geospatial Program; © OpenStreetMap Contributors; Google Imagery ©2022 Maxar Technologies, U.S. Geological Survey

Map services and data available from U.S. Geological Survey, National Geospatial Program; © OpenStreetMap Contributors; Google Imagery ©2022 Maxar Technologies, U.S. Geological Survey

A Guide to Mission Planning

As the domain of military and commercial aviation continues to grow, pilots require planning tools which are dependable and straightforward. After conducting an in-depth analysis of existing mission planning systems, Dynamic Graphics, Inc. (DGI) has identified several obstacles which require rapid solutions and inventive approaches.

In-Depth Examination of Mission Planning Obstacles

Our comprehensive search revealed intricate deficiencies in the current mission planning systems. The primary source of these complications stems from the widespread problem of data redundancy, which requires the duplication of mission information. This practice introduces inadequacies and heightens the likelihood of errors. The situation is further exacerbated by the utilization of antiquated manual methods, which impede progress and introduce a degree of human error that could prove hazardous in critical situations.

Furthermore, the fragmented architecture of obsolete systems creates a barrier to the effective execution of operations. These fragmented systems impede the seamless exchange of vital information, compatibility, and ultimately undermine the unified effort necessary for intricate tasks. These issues are compounded by the absence of real-time data integration, which deprives pilots of critical and rapid information required to respond to evolving operational circumstances.

© OpenStreetMap Contributors

PREDaTORS2: Constructed to Serve the User

Developed in response to these issues, the P2 platform by DGI demonstrates our dedication to technological advancement and user-centric design. P2, which was designed with the assistance of seasoned aviation professionals, was developed in concert to meet the complex requirements of aircraft mission planning. Our aim is to significantly enhance the effectiveness and security of aviation operations through the integration of cutting-edge functionalities and the streamlining of the mission lifecycle.

Our extensive undertaking, PREDaTORS , began with a deep understanding of the importance that mission planning possesses in achieving successful operations. The system’s development originated with the understanding of the urgent requirement to enhance operational effectiveness while safeguarding the well-being and security of pilots. Driven by the conviction that the available instruments should facilitate rather than impede progress in the demanding domain of aviation.

Bridging the Gaps with PREDaTORS2

P2 encompasses an entire ecosystem that is specifically engineered to remove redundancy, streamline operations, and facilitate dependable decision-making—far beyond mere software. The sophisticated user experience (UX) and coherent data stream effectively mitigates the occurrence of redundant information, while also streamlining navigation and decision-making processes. Boasting features that promote smooth integration, it assures compatibility with current and future systems, cultivating an atmosphere that is indispensable for collaborative and coalition endeavors.

P2 is predicated on operational flexibility, as its purpose is to guarantee consistent dependability in various circumstances, such as Denied, Disconnected, Intermittent, or Limited Bandwidth (D-DIL) situations. This adaptability is essential for ensuring that pilots always have uninterrupted access to vital mission information, regardless of the operating environment.

Charting a Course for the Future Together

We invite you to join us in this exciting endeavor with the aim of transforming aviation mission planning. Discover how PREDaTORS can elevate your operational expertise and establish novel benchmarks for effectiveness and security within the aviation sector, encompassing both military and civil domains. Join us on the ground-breaking expedition of PREDaTORS , where cutting-edge technology satisfies the most urgent needs of pilots. To participate in this exciting advancement and obtain more information on how our solutions can enhance your mission planning needs, please contact us at info@dgi.com or visit www.dgi.com.




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Flight Planning and Route Analysis Via 4D Scene Building

The state-of-the-art CoViz 4D software from Dynamic Graphics is extremely powerful for data ingestion/integration, and quantitative spatiotemporal visualization across multiple data types. These unique capabilities are already leveraged by users across many disciplines and industries. Recently DGI has also been focusing on aerospace / military applications, with particular attention to 4D scene building and route/flight planning and analysis.

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