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Diverse Data Integration in the Oil and Gas Industry With CoViz 4D

Every phase of the hydrocarbon asset lifecycle is now thoroughly documented by huge volumes of discipline-specific data. Data integration in the oil and gas industry has never been more important for efficient and economic exploration and extraction. However, obtaining the maximum value from volumes of diverse, discipline-specific datasets requires integration (data fusion) for proper cross-correlation of all information and visualization to accurately develop a complete technical and economic picture of the assets. There is no better solution than Dynamic Graphics, Inc.'s CoViz 4D to address this challenge.

Data fusion for integrated asset development is more important than ever before. CoViz 4D from Dynamic Graphics, Inc., is designed and developed to provide dynamic visual analytics across all disciplines of the asset.

CoViz 4D leads the industry in providing dynamic visual analytics for reservoir management, enabling multiple disciplines of an asset management team to simultaneously view and interrogate datasets regardless of the original data source or software.

Working With Various Data Types and Formats

The types and formats of discipline-specific data—structured or unstructured—are best interpreted by the software products that collect or generate the data. The sources of data can include seismic volumes and attributes, reservoir simulations, production tests, fluid production, well events and real-time drilling feeds, microseismic and monitoring data, remote sensing imagery, and other time-relevant data. Data formats are also quite varied: 2D and 3D grids, scattered data, images, LiDAR, polygon files, scattered data, vertical fault data, and wellbore annotations are a few of the dozens of formats used in the industry.

CoViz 4D makes it easy for members of the asset team to share discipline-specific data via a data registry that stores the disk location of files and organizes them by data type. This integrated software solution automatically handles the import and translation of these files into a CoViz 4D Viewer-compatible format, thereby allowing team members to access and analyze data without the need or knowledge of the software product that generated the data.

Obtain Collaborative Visualization and Analysis

Traditionally, the cross-correlation of data requires significant effort and time by all disciplines involved in the project. CoViz 4D eliminates the barriers that prevent collaborative analysis of the diverse datasets associated with hydrocarbon assets. It provides a means for teams to access information from many sources and applications and simultaneously view and interrogate datasets in a flexible viewing environment.

CoViz 4D also facilitates rapid, integrated, quantitative analysis and statistical comparison of diverse datasets by providing numerous analytic features such as:

Discipline-specific datasets attain their maximum value when they can be combined with all relevant data, visualized, and collaboratively analyzed by asset teams. CoViz 4D provides all members of an asset team with greater access to vital information to support better quality decisions throughout all phases of oil and gas asset lifecycles.

Data Visualization and Analysis Over Time

Visualizing temporal data is one of CoViz 4D's greatest strengths. CoViz 4D animates these data through time by using date ⁄ time stamps embedded in or associated with reservoir simulation grids, seismic attributes, well status, or production data files. Collaboratively analyzing the subsurface data over time enables an asset team to:

CoViz 4D includes numerous utilities to evaluate data in time snapshots or time sequence animations, as well as rapidly calculate and apply time-step arithmetic operations.

CoViz 4D: Premier Platform for Data Integration in the Oil and Gas Industry

Understanding the changing response of a reservoir over time is critical for optimizing development and production decisions. Accurate interpretation of major structured data—seismic, geologic models, petrophysical models, reservoir simulations—requires integration of and access to these and many other data sources. The inefficiencies of traditional interpretive methods can be avoided using the powerful data integration, visualization, and analytic capabilities of CoViz 4D.

CoViz4D is the premier platform for data integration in the oil and gas industry and the best analytical visualization tool on the market. It easily captures all scales of structured and unstructured data types. The data can then be fully visualized, cross-correlated and further interpreted within a single flexible 3D ⁄ 4D environment. CoViz 4D ensures asset management teams have access to all relevant data and powerful visualization and analytic tools, obtaining the maximum value for optimum decision making.

CoViz 4D, a data visualization analytics software from Dynamic Graphics Inc., gives oil and gas professionals the ability to easily integrate and manage all relevant data associated with petroleum assets. Powerful visualization enables you to explore data relationships and analyze how data changes over time to impact profit and reduce operational risk. To learn more about CoViz 4D contact our team.

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