Dynamic Graphics is committed to responding to the challenges our clients face in their day-to-day work.
Backed by strong client partnerships, DGI is well positioned to capitalize on the current trend of more intensive high technology application in the petroleum, environmental, and earth-related sciences, ensuring the company′s leading role as a geospatial software solutions provider far into the 21st century.

Support & Maintenance

Hardware Recommendations

Please contact your local Dynamic Graphics representative for hardware recommendations suitable for your computer environment.

Benefits of Support

Maintenance provides Dynamic Graphics′ clients with full-service technical support and periodic software updates at no additional charge.

Our dedicated team of Technical Support specialists have:

  • provided bug fixes within 24 hrs of contact with Dynamic Graphics.
  • diagnosed problems with a wide variety of hardware systems and components
  • assisted new users to ensure that their first project is successful
  • held online meetings to better facilitate support for remote clients
  • written custom scripts for a wide range of purposes, including reformatting data from other software packages and automating large numbers of repetitive calculations
  • worked outside business hours helping clients finalize critical, time-sensitive projects
  • finished a calculation due to an unforeseen system failure or other hardware or software related problem
  • scheduled an on-site visit
  • dedicated time and resources to explain programs or workflows not directly related to a formal bug or problem
  • made your deadline our deadline when resolving issues or concerns

While we can′t guarantee all of the above in every circumstance, these examples are just some of the many ways in which Dynamic Graphics is committed to helping our clients.

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