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DGI Announces WellArchitect version 5.1.3

DGI Introduces Interactive 3D Collision Avoidance and EDM File Importing

RELEASED by Dynamic Graphics, Inc.

ALAMEDA, California. Dynamic Graphics, Inc., announces the release of WellArchitect 5.1.3, the company′s well planning/directional drilling software. A major feature of WellArchitect 5.1.3 is that the 3D, interactive collision-avoidance/clearance-scan tools, introduced in WellArchitect 4.1, are now available for no extra charge, without a CoViz 4D license. 3D collision-avoidance visualization allows users to quickly discern areas of concern in the 3D Viewer that would not be readily visible via traditional reports/plots, adding a new level of safety awareness. Other major highlights of the release include the ability to import Landmark Compass™ Engineer′s Data Model (EDM) files; perform clearance scans and display data across differing projections; and WITSML Server support/monitoring during drilling, while still running automated clearance calculations on projections ahead of the bit. More information about WellArchitect can be found at www.dgi.com or visit Dynamic Graphics at the AAPG, URTeC, and SPE conferences.

″With each release, we offer our clients new workflows and methods to better plan, manage, and execute safe drilling operations. For example, the advanced 3D collision-avoidance tools, now available to all users, allow faster identification and resolution of problem areas in the planning stage, decreasing the risk of collision and increasing nimbleness to adapt to changes while drilling. The ability to monitor and update from a WITSML server during drilling can greatly reduce errors caused by manually entering survey stations. WellArchitect 5.1.3 continues to push industry forward, and allows our customers to plan/drill wells more effectively for a better bottom line.″
Art Paradis, President, DGI

ABOUT WellArchitect

WellArchitect, developed in conjunction with Baker Hughes, is an advanced well planning and survey management system for integrated planning and drilling of directional wellpaths with or without earth models. Devised to seamlessly accommodate the needs of sidetracking, multi-lateral wellpaths, and re-entry drilling, WellArchitect is used by drilling and directional professionals at both the office and wellsite. Trajectory calculations, target erosion by positional uncertainty, reporting, plotting, and 3D visualization are all included in this package.

ABOUT Dynamic Graphics, Inc.

Dynamic Graphics, Inc. (DGI) partners with our clients to solve spatial analysis problems in the petroleum, environmental, and earth-related sciences. Over the past five decades, DGI has been the premier provider of geospatial solutions with our innovative, easy-to-use software and outstanding support services. DGI offers three software packages: CoViz 4D, WellArchitect, and EarthVision.

Latest News

WellArchitect New Features and Advancements

Dynamic Graphics is excited to announce the release of WellArchitect 5.1.3.

WellArchitect 5.1.3 includes several new advances in directional drilling/well planning software such as viewing clearance calculation results in 3D interactively while planning, clearance scans and data display across differing projection systems, and a WITSML-feed for creating actual wellpaths.

In addition, WellArchitect 5.1.3 offers the option to import a Landmark Compass EDM file.

Articles and Papers

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